Places to go

Biscuit factory :

This company located in the heart of the Bay of Saint-Brieuc manufactures a wide range of Breton specialties in an artisanal way.

10 minutes from La Braize Bretagne, you can visit the factory shop, ZA La Bourdinière, 5 rue du Verger in Yffiniac. Phone: 02 96 77 04 49

Visit the biscuit factory's website by clicking on the Brieuc logo.

Fish and shellfish :

If you want to taste seafood and fish, this producer's shop will satisfy your desires.

10 minutes from La Braize Bretagne, direction RN 12, this shop is located on the roundabout at the St René exit. You can also order online by clicking on the image opposite.

Butcher-Delicatessen-Caterer :

You will find a catering service and a butcher without equal at Richard Corduan and his wife Béatrice.

Their shop is located in Quessoy, 10 rue de la Porte de Fer, 5 minutes from La Braize Bretagne.

Tél. 02 96 42 31 76

Restaurant – Pizzeria :

Do you want to enjoy a pizza ? Call La Nozza in Quessoy.

Tél. 02 96 33 09 37

To do your shopping near La Braize Bretagne :

For your supplies, Magalie Le Carboulec welcomes you to her grocery store in Saint Carreuc, located 5 minutes from La Braize Bretagne.