The Household

The house and the gardens

The number of guests received at La Braize Bretagne is limited to 6, children or adults.

This is the maximum capacity of the rental, but nothing prevents you from occasionally receiving external people, however these people will not be able to sleep on site. 

The house and its gardens welcome you for a stay in the heart of Brittany.

As soon as you arrive, you will be charmed by the serenity of the place. Pleasant volumes present themselves to you. We feel that these places have a past.

It is said that rich cloth traders have developed their trade in the surroundings since the 16th century, could La Braize be the testimony?

Entrance and lounges

We wanted to reserve comfort and refinement for our guests.

You will enjoy the comfort of the fireplace which diffuses a gentle heat in the living rooms.

An area dedicated to the game is watched over by two magnificent ladies. Busts brought back from trips to Africa remind us that Brittany has known the greatest adventurers on the seas, across the world.

Rooms and bathrooms

La Braize Bretagne offers two bedrooms which have a bathroom with shower, and one bedroom with a bathtub. We wanted each guest to enjoy a comfortable bathroom, with soft tones and reminiscent of the decoration of each room. The largest bedroom has a TV screen.

The kitchen

The kitchen has all the necessary equipment for a comfortable stay. The “Cordon Bleu” can cook their favorite dishes or prepare grilled foods on the barbecue.